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Tridex Airdrop - 30 TX

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Tridex Group LTD is a multifunction online platform based on Artificial Inteligence with a wide range of actual services in the cryptocurrency market.

Nowdays company earn on trading and allows to earn on trading passively its investors. Automated elements of trading on cryptocurrency, asset management, Risk Management based on the cutting-edge AI, and Fast Payment Order Delivery protocol allows our investors to earn daily 2% for 100 days.

The platform is already developing its own exchange and provide initial token offering (ICO) which let simple investors to become a co-owner of Tridex Group LTD with the same laws as developers and receive dividends from all working products of the company, namely Tridex Trade Platform and Tridex Exchange Platform.

Step By Step Guide

  1. Visit the Tridex Airdrop page.
  2. Sign Up with your details.
  3. You will get 9.999 mBTC + 30 TX ($3) tokens.
  4. On the dashboard click on “Bounty Campaign“.
  5. Join Tridex Telegram Channel.
  6. Join Tridex Telegram Group and leave any message.
  7. Subscribe toTridex on Twitter and leave any comment you want.
  8. Submit your details to this Bounty form.
  9. You will receive 10 TX ($1) tokens.
  10. Similarly, complete other bounty tasks and earn USD + TX tokens.

Airdrop Details

Start Date July 15,2020
End Date December 31,2020
Total Supply 8,000,000,000
Price/Token 30
Plateform ETH
Estimated Value $4
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