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About Us

About Us

KoinLoot.com is a first revolutionary cryptocurrency platform that empowers people around the world to earn cryptocurrency rewards. We look forward to making cryptocurrency accessible to millions of users across the world. We’re on a mission to improve the lives of workers around the globe and to re-imagine the way the world invests in cryptocurrency. With a microtask marketplace supported by blockchain technology, we make earning easy.

We're a cohesive team striving to make KoinLoot most disruptive startup in Cryptocurrency segment. Our people are the bedrock of our company and we are immensely proud of them. Our team is made up of experienced developers, entrepreneurs and marketers and our small team is growing fast. 

Together we want to build a credible brand for our users and clients. We won't rest until we are a pervasive brand in the Blockchain technology industry. Our aim is to rethink the Cryptocurrency experience and we're always striving to come up with better ways to save our consumers some money.

We bring you the best cryptocurrencies that you know, recognize and trust. We are absolutely dedicated to becoming the #1 source for earning free cryptocurrencies! 

People are always looking for ways to earn wherever they can and we give people the opportunity to earn crypto by various ways. We have subdivided our working into Four categories -- Micro Jobs, Offerwall, Airdrops and Claim Coins.

Koinloot connects workers and employers on a global scale. Koinloot empowers employers to get work done immediately and online workers to earn cryptocurrency immediately. The Job Poster assigns individual tasks, gains access to thousands of workers, and pays only when satisfied.

KoinLoot tasks and offers are always quick and easy to complete right from your laptop or phone. Every task and offers you complete helps you earn the cryptocurrency reward of your choice. You can complete some simple tasks, such as tweeting on Twitter, posting on Facebook, writing reviews and articles, answering short surveys, installing mobile apps, voting in competition, completing advertising partner’s offers, claiming airdrops and coins and so on.

It’s easy, it’s free, and it requires absolutely no mining. Use the website to take on a variety of microtasks. New tasks are posted regularly, so check in often for opportunities to earn more cryptocurrency rewards. Complete as many Tasks as you like, under your time, and at your convenience!

KoinLoot earns you crypto back when you shop online. With thousands of offers available there’s no easier way to earn crypto right now! Find your favorite offer and checkout normally via KoinLoot. Browse the available offers from our offerwall, click on the one you like and complete it. Each offer will display its cryptocurrency payout amount. Try as many different types of offers as you can to see what you can achieve in your free time each day.

There are tons of micro tasks, offers, airdrops and free coins out there waiting to be claimed right now and it's fun and easy to get in on the action.

We'd love your help in making KoinLoot truly special. Less than a few minutes from now you could be doing various tasks and offers that are a lot of fun and are enjoyable. Be sure to bookmark us and tell all of your friends about our website!

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